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font manager technical specifications

main features
  • supplies fonts to all of the workstations on the network automatically
  • ensures users always have the fonts they need
  • activates fonts only when they are needed
  • controls who has access to which fonts, and when
  • allows different users to access different fonts
  • makes sure users always have the latest fonts
  • prevents the use of unauthorised fonts
  • provides font management tools for administrators
  • provides font selection tools for users
font management features
  • groups fonts into catalogs
  • puts your fonts where you want them
  • assigns catalogs of fonts to individual users
  • assigns access permissions to groups of users
  • identifies fonts by font name and by file name
font selection features
  • provides M height, x height, and cast-off data
  • shows font samples on the screen, any text, any size
  • prints font sample sheets in a variety of formats
  • prints user configurable sample sheets
  • prints lists of the available fonts with full path names for the font files
minimum system requirements
  • windows NT4/95/98
  • 16Mbytes of RAM
  • 1Mbytes of free disk space
for more details (a demo version is available on request):

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