FontConsltant - a font manager for small, medium, and large networks

a network font manager

supplies fonts

fontconsultant is a network font manager that automatically supplies fonts to the workstations on the network when they are needed.

controls fonts

fontconsultant ensures that each user has exactly the fonts that they need to carry out their tasks no matter which workstation they choose to use.

activates fonts

fontconsultant activates the fonts on individual workstations only when they are needed, giving you the ability to control who has access to which fonts, and when.

restricts fonts

you can control access on an individual basis, by category of user, or by publication, whichever suits your needs. You could for example, supply news editors with one set of fonts, features editors with another, and advertising copy editors with yet another.

manages fonts

managing your fonts couldn't be simpler with fontconsultant. To help you select, organise and manage your fonts you can list fonts by type (serif, sans, symbol, decorative, italic, regular), view and print font samples in a variety of point sizes and formats, examine font data (including M and x height), and perform cast-off calculations using the built in cast-off calculator.

provides tools

fontconsultant has been designed to remove the burden of managing fonts across networks, and to provide font selection tools for professional typographers.

assists production

fontconsultant currently assists in the production of more than 30 million newspapers a week. Customers include News International Newspapers Ltd who use fontconsultant for the The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, and The News of The World.


fontconsultant is an indespensible part of our production process. It saves us time and money by automating the administration of fonts across the network.

Craig Mitchell, Director of Information Technology for News International Newspapers Ltd


fontconsultant significantly enhances our control over the fonts on our network by ensuring users are automatically updated with the latest fonts, and by preventing unauthorised fonts from being used.

Phil Ryan, Font Manager for News International Newspapers Ltd

phone: [+44] (0)1934 712226